Easy Custom Jerseys

About this project:

EasyCustomJerseys is a subsidiary of Basement Customs Inc. BCI, the parent company which is run and owned by Amanda Kroepfl evolved from a hobby offering customized low-volume apparel and decals.  Brad immediately connected the opportunity of BCI's services to his passion for motocross.  Focusing on customizing existing motocross jerseys with a rider's name, riding number, and sponsor/support logos. 

For many years, this was a service offered only to friends and family members.  During this time it became evident that there was a demand for the service.  Not only a demand for the service but a simplified version of it.  There are countless options for jersey customization services across the country, however they are typically all but "easy" to work with.  If they happen to be local you may have the luxury of running into them at the local riding spots and exchanging your jersey for customization.  This involves meeting up, discussions of the project, etc.  If they are not local to you, you are dealing with shipping costs, often a lot of back and forth, broken communication in an attempt to get what you're looking for. 

Brad identified the problems and was born as the solution.  Easy Custom Jerseys is appropriately named as it is just that. 

3 steps:
1. Choose your service and make your purchase
2. You are emailed a prepaid shipping label to send your jersey to ECJ
3. ECJ customizes your jersey per your order and sends it back to you.

Easy?  We like to think so.  Make sure to check out the website and try out the services!

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